Being a player in the NBA has its perk, for example you get to the travel all over the world. Being a superstar in the NBA has even more perks, for example you can get your own sneaker that represents your worldly travels. That’s essentially what happen to Lebron James after he visited the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition in China. A warrior similar to the ones featured in the exhibit and Lebron share many similarities, they both use hard work, determination, and grit to defeat their opponents. Thus, the Nike Lebron 11 “Terracotta Warrior” was born.

Using a past and present theme, the sneaker uses neutral stone colors to show the warriors present day condition and traces of purple/teal/red to show how they were originally painted. Graphic texture on the upper is modeled after the plated armor that the warriors went to battle in. Transitioning to the bottom of the sneaker, you’ll notice a special carbon fiber shank modeled after the style of Bronze Age art in which the warriors were created.

The Nike Lebron 11 “Terracotta Warrior” will release in Greater China on October 1st and globally on November 27th. No price has been announced, so make sure you stay tuned to TRA for more info.

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